brad roberts / core team

I love Toronto—the energy, people, pace; I have a passion for all things home and lifestyle, for the past twenty years that home has been in this big, diverse city.

I’ve been on both sides of the fence: typical core area small Toronto semi, I then moved to Dundas Valley for several years to support an elderly parent and had the big house/charming small town experience, now I’m back in the heart of Toronto living the condo life—I love it.

The ability to walk, bike and transit to nearly everything, engaging with the city, makes my every day. I’m a dog lover (and owner), cafe lover, book lover and traveller when time allows—India being my farthest flung destination, so far…

​It’s a great life, every day I’m grateful for my work. I love that I’m constantly connecting with new people, different wants and needs. I embrace the ways technology has changed business and marketing—through hard work, an always open mind to updating of skills, new ways of working and dedication to my clients I have the privilege of helping to bring real estate hopes to reality.

At core team we’ve got our clients covered—I’m in Toronto, my other business half is in Dundas covering the Hamilton market—no matter your buy or sell need, my big city Toronto or west to Hamilton, we’re there with our brand of personal, relationship focused service.

​Home starts here.


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