It’s a beautiful day, Don’t let it get away!

If you’re a U2 fan (or a Top 40’er, this is      clearly mainstream U2) the lyrics might ring a bell—Beautiful Day just feels right, for me anyway, as we hit our stride in spring…yes, slowly.   It’s time to take a big leap into the backyard, the front yard (mine’s looking better this year, we … More It’s a beautiful day, Don’t let it get away!

Before & After

Ah yes, the before and after; we all love the promise of the after but too often live too long with the before. At core, in addition to working with buyers and sellers, we offer a one hour staging consultation, and, half the team here has had extensive experience in renovation and higher end house … More Before & After


Yes, we’re off our game, our game being our blog schedule. Sorry about that. It’s been a busy time here at core— —the market here continues to ramp up showing no signs of slowing. If you’re buying your first home, moving up, or if like several of our clients you’re looking for an investment property, … More MIA