Spring Looms Large

  Yes, I know here in this part of Ontario we’ve skipped through winter with nary a frigid temperature and very little snow but still, it’s Ontario, spring always looms large. Personally I have projects and purging inside that I’ve managed to avoid, but any day now we’ll be outside looking at gardens, yards and … More Spring Looms Large

Set the Stage

Looks like we took a late summer break here on the blog! Alas, summer is over, we are back. And into…..Renovation Season It’s upon us (for some of us it seems a constant) and like many you may find the idea of tackling a renovation in your home a little daunting.  Considering selling your home? … More Set the Stage

Cellar Dweller

  ….mine is not even this nice, read on, you’ll see….           Well, I’m not a dweller but I do have a cellar, rather I have a problem with my cellar that I thought I’d share. If anyone has had a similar issue, if anyone has suggestions by all means jump … More Cellar Dweller

Water FAQ

This is one of those dry posts (pun not intended but there it is). It’s more fun to ramble on about house value, the proposed Gore Park redo in downtown Hamilton (and I will ramble on about that one day!), all the fun things we can do now that summer is here, finally, but, I … More Water FAQ