Less is More

Take this as a bit of how-to inspiration (maybe? hopefully?) geared to the buyer who really wants to live in Toronto, to enjoy what urban life offers—vibrant, amenity laden neighbourhoods, easy access to everything, including transit; of course ‘vibrant’, amenities galore directly correlates to price here in the city. Detached or semi your target? If you have a healthy budget, if you’re open to exploring neighbourhoods … Continue reading Less is More

Happy Holidays!

The holiday season: a time for family, friends, reflection. I love Christmas, sure there can be frenzied schedules, it’s always a challenge to fit everyone in, but the pace of days slows, the world seems to take a deep pause December 25th (I love that!), there’s food, drink, merriment and time for gratitude. Many of us have so much to be thankful for, particularly in Canada. The … Continue reading Happy Holidays!

Does Size Matter?

Bit of a blog break here, I’ve been rather occupied with a life challenge—I’ve been through the downsizing of elderly parents but I’m tackling my own, twenty-five years early. Four years ago we sold our small, rather typical, but fabulous, Toronto semi in the east end (always an east ender here) to shuffle off to lovely Dundas Valley, and a much bigger house, for elder … Continue reading Does Size Matter?

The Best New Thing in Hamilton?

Hamilton is scoring lots of attention these days: revitalizing, growing, there’s new development and we’re one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, all good. Something else that’s been garnering attention, deservedly, is the 541 Eatery & Exchange on Barton St E. Yes for many Barton has been an artery you drive along, you don’t stop, it’s been rather barren for a long … Continue reading The Best New Thing in Hamilton?

Architectural Spotlight: The New Royal Connaught Lobby

Originally posted on Rebuild Hamilton:
With a mixture of both neo-classical and contemporary design, the double-height lobby at The Royal Connaught has been brought back to its former glory and then some.Surrounded by six, two-storey corinthian columns, the sheer size and pure white paint not only makes the columns pop, but also help define the space of the lobby. The ceiling is coffered with an intricate… Continue reading Architectural Spotlight: The New Royal Connaught Lobby

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

If  you read this blog you will know that I’m given to quoting song lyrics, generally ‘classic’ but I say The Clash from 1982 is now classic! The decision to uproot and change a lifestyle by leaving Toronto is a big one. I know, I’ve done it and I love Toronto. Personally I don’t like expressions like ‘world class city’, there’s a handful of those … Continue reading Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A Change is Gonna Come…

Sam Cooke. 1964. I like to quote classic lyrics; the songwriter talent for saying something in very few words is far beyond mine so I respectfully borrow. And this seems to aptly describe the revival of Hamilton that’s under way. I’m sometimes a little uneasy labeling a city a revival project, I worry I’m disrespecting what’s come before but the label simply signifies and celebrates … Continue reading A Change is Gonna Come…