Less is More

Take this as a bit of how-to inspiration (maybe? hopefully?) geared to the buyer who really wants to live in Toronto, to enjoy what urban life offers—vibrant, amenity laden neighbourhoods, easy access to everything, including transit; of course ‘vibrant’, amenities galore directly correlates to price here in the city. Detached or semi your target? If you have a healthy budget, if you’re open to exploring neighbourhoods … Continue reading Less is More

Does Size Matter?

Bit of a blog break here, I’ve been rather occupied with a life challenge—I’ve been through the downsizing of elderly parents but I’m tackling my own, twenty-five years early. Four years ago we sold our small, rather typical, but fabulous, Toronto semi in the east end (always an east ender here) to shuffle off to lovely Dundas Valley, and a much bigger house, for elder … Continue reading Does Size Matter?

A Before & After, Long After

This is kind of like admitting you have a problem: I have a horribly, an embarrassingly, out of date bathroom in my house. There, it’s out. I bought an early 1950s, one owner, Cape Cod house in charming Dundas three years ago. We love this house, the cove plaster ceilings, wood burning fireplace, hardwood throughout, I’ve an appreciation for the character and solidity found in … Continue reading A Before & After, Long After

If You Build It They Will Come

It’s not yet spring and the market in the Hamilton area is keeping pace with recent seasons i.e. we’re hot, multiple offers abound—our last several offers have been in competition, it’s mid-January! Burlington, with its crown of #1 mid-sized city in which to live, is always solid, and, for my Toronto friends, you know your market sizzles, always. This isn’t just a market update here, … Continue reading If You Build It They Will Come

Before & After

Ah yes, the before and after; we all love the promise of the after but too often live too long with the before. At core, in addition to working with buyers and sellers, we offer a one hour staging consultation, and, half the team here has had extensive experience in renovation and higher end house flips, there’s a wealth of knowledge, dos and don’ts at … Continue reading Before & After