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On these pages I aim to share a slice of life in one of the hottest markets in Canada: I’m a longtime downtown Torontonian ‘at home in the 6’ living and loving everything about my city (admittedly not the traffic…). As well, I have a business partner, Corinne, living in charming, historic Dundas Valley, Hamilton; with the home buying crowd also looking to the Hamilton area we’ve got our clients covered (I myself had a recent ‘sabbatical’ in Dundas for elder care, just a beautiful area).

We’re proud to offer full, personal service for buyers and sellers and, having enjoyed lives in major urban, rural and small town Ontario, we know our areas—we’ve experienced perhaps not ‘all’ but lots. Corinne has had extensive experience in home renovations and flips, another added bonus our clients have drawn on.

Toronto housing, I know just the words conjure all sorts of thoughts. Yes, it moves fast, yes, there are often competing offers so when you, dear buyer, are ready to leap you need someone who’s 100% dedicated to your search. Looking to sell? It’s a seller’s market: great marketing exposure, professional photography, websites and video maximize your position. But that’s business….we’re here to chat about the serious in real estate but also the fun.

So, take a moment, grab a coffee, I hope something piques your interest, feel free to share what you read, even better, opt into the conversation. I love to hear about others’ experiences with all things real estate, lifestyle, renovation, restaurants, cafes, food & drink, pets (dog lover here but I’m open minded), you get the idea…

I’d be thrilled to have you along for the ride.



core team  .  yourcoreteam.com


Brad Roberts, Sales Representative . Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd.



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