The 12 Days

My local happy holiday place

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays—whatever your tradition, affiliation or preference I hope you’re enjoying fully this warm and festive time.

December 28th: we’re in the midst of the 12 Days which starts December 25 and ends January 6th, Epiphany or Three Kings’ Day for some of you; for others The 12 Days of Christmas is simply a classic gets stuck in your head Christmas tune and that’s just fine. Be mindful, present, grateful and enjoy.

I’m spending the holiday home this year in the city I love—living right beside the Toronto Xmas Market at Distillery I have full on festive for weeks, it’s glorious, I’m grateful to call the area home.

I love how the days can slow over the holidays; with much of my family fun wrapped I’m into some home reorganizing (downsized condo life requires editing!) and I’m painting, I want to hit January refreshed. And I’m working—real estate in a big city market never really takes a break, nor do we, I love scooting clients into a fresh new listing I know they need to see. I brought cookies…can you have too much shortbread? Really?

Hello! Holiday house hunting with clients. And cookies.


My ever festive Distillery District ‘hood: Toronto Christmas Market










There are quiet times, festive times, family times and if you’re a buyer in a big market like Toronto it can be a good time to keep your eyes open, your ear to the ground, to check your emails and texts from your realtor 😉 Yes, there are fewer listings to choose from but also much less competition in the form of your fellow buyer. Most of us are always connected with any number (too many?) of devices—I was exploring an opportunity with a buyer right up to the big day and right after the big day have other buyer clients touring a fresh listing and working on their numbers. January is slower too, if you’re aiming to buy be ready, we saw a 17% jump in prices for the semi-detached in November this year in the 416! Buyers are out there dear seller…

We should embrace the holiday season to the very end—for some the tree is down December 26th (not mine), for others the end may be January 2nd right after ringing in 2019 (that’s me) or whatever final day of celebration you mark. It’s Christmas, I’m not going to hard sell by throwing out stats and numbers, price increases and decreases nor am I going to offer any hardcore predictions (we all hear and read those, no one has a definitive answer, sorry) but I will say, buyer or seller, holiday, post holiday, the build through January before that heated early spring market, this can be a great time to ask me to root around in your business a little, make a plan, look at neighbourhoods, affordability, listings, wants, needs, pricing, solds etc.

I’m always connected, just ask.

Enjoy the rest and HAPPY NEW YEAR TORONTO!





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