2017: The Year of the Condo



If, like me, you live in, or want to live in, Toronto you know the price of entry into the housing market is high, semi or fully detached home it takes a healthy budget—depending on your budget it’s doable but you may need to be flexible in terms of neighbourhood and expectations.

Toronto’s been a seller’s market for some time now, people want in, there are more buyers than sellers and this want of home ownership in the city extends to the condo market as well. Condos have been the target for many who want to live in the core, those who embrace the lifestyle, there’s certainly a freedom and if, again, like me, you love life in downtown Toronto it can be the perfect pairing. The condo has also been a point of entry for many homeowners—the spotlight in our market, particularly since last fall, is now on condos. It’s an affordable way to buy into the Toronto market, there is definitely appreciation and given what we saw last fall that is only going to pick up in pace.
I (Brad) made the move from house to downtown condo and have fully embraced the lifestyle: walkability to everything, bike paths, if you like city living you feel connected to it every day the moment you step outside, and it’s maintenance-free! I’m a condo convert.

If it’s on your radar, if you’re considering for this spring, please feel free to get in touch about anything, everything, anytime




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