“Don’t wait.”

“The time will never be just right.”β€”author Napoleon Hill

Not to say you shouldn’t plan and budget, it’s really a reminder for myself πŸ™‚

Try as I might my posts can be spotty and my own renovations land on the back burner while we focus on our clients. Don’t wait… don’t wait. BUT, when it comes to those renovations I’m on a roll now and I’m sharing.

Our home is an early 1950s Cape Cod in charming Dundas Ontario. I’ve talked about my house before: one owner before us, beautiful neighbourhood near conservation lands, well maintained just dated, quite. We’ve done lots on the outside, we’re finally moving inside.

Our main floor bathroom was vintage when we moved in, trippy blue wallpaper and blue fixtures. It also ‘featured’ a kind of Rococo lighting and mirrorβ€”white metal, ornate with flowers and vines….you know, the kind of thing you change and that bit we did immediately.

With our recent reno we suspected once the old tub came out we would see major water damage to a wall and we worried the floor too, some tile had come off before we bought; as a temporary fix we’d had a surround installed to prevent more damage. Thankfully when the wall came down the floor was fine, we had new cement backer board installed, waterproofed and Bob’s your uncle as they say.

Given it’s an older home we have a lengthy list of updates so with this bathroom we wanted to conserve funds, we wanted the work done right with quality materials but we wanted to conserve where we could.

As you can see A) I’m being quite brave showing these pictures of the before and B) it was really gratifying ripping this out!





The vanity is in excellent condition so we kept it, once we painted the room the existing counter top tied in nicely. Clearly white fixtures were in order, check! Outside the bathroom there was a hatch allowing access to the tub’s plumbing, should we need to access the pipes I will happily have a hole cut into the wall. Oddly the hatch was highlighted further with moulding around it because…..it’s a feature? Well, not now!

We debated keeping the ceramic but it really doesn’t add much cost to replace bathroom flooring, once the tub was removed there was no question we needed a refresh. One of our favourite elements in this bathroom is the grey linen tile around the tub, love the texture, I may be doing this exact tile in my next home I like it so much.

We have a senior in the home and sourced safe and secure but more attractive hand grips for the tub, a shelf for shampoo doubles as a hand grip, we removed the 50s wall insert toilet roll holder and installed a holder/hand grip in its place.


So, after waiting far too long to tackle here we are, a quick, affordable and effective update to our main floor bathroom. Classic grey, a bold print on the blind, the addition of crown moulding (there was none) is key for me, I love how crown finishes a room, so crisp!



Stay tuned….there’s a big new bedroom under way right now!



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