Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


And what if you want to sell your house?

In real estate talk the focus is often on the red hot spring season and the hot, but perhaps not red, fall season, it’s when we tend to be busiest ’cause it’s when the market is busiest.

But, what if you decide or need to sell in winter?

Is it too slow?

Are we all hibernating?

While we may be doing that when possible it’s still a perfectly viable time to market your home and without the same level of competition. Sales happen every single day, every weekend, every month, every season. There are always buyers out there, people find any number of reasons for a move, new job, new city, space too tight, space too big and perhaps winter presents an opportunity.

Remember February 2015? It was a record cold month. In my area alone, Hamilton West (Dundas) the frigid February 2015 sale transactions were up 13.9% from February 2014…clearly winter did not deter. And prices—the average freehold home (i.e. not a condo or condo townhouse) sale price in February 2015 was 10.1% higher than the same month last year. The Hamilton/Burlington region has been so strong ongoing with low inventory ie number of listings, a time of year with less competition might just be a good strategy.

Yes perhaps your home looks best in summer (don’t we all really?), you can’t show off your gardens or stage your deck but shovel your snow, get an urn or two, add some greenery, make sure all your outdoor lights are working—we live in Ontario, we’re all dealing with the same.

Inside, cozy it up, turn up the heat a little, toss a soft throw on your sofa, it gets dark early so make sure your lighting suits. If you’ve got a fireplace we may be firing that up at open house, perfect!

Something we do for clients who think they may be selling in winter is take some exterior pictures during the summer so we can show off gardens, yard, trees, deck and the pool if you have; if you’ve got some pictures on file we can definitely put those to good use.

If you’re contemplating a move and thinking spring is your time, well, it’s definitely hot, and it happens early, people get the itch to start shopping as soon as we all sense that maybe, just maybe, winter is nearing an end. But if you’re considering this winter, buyers don’t take the season off…winter could well be a little kinder this year!

buy. sell. relax.





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