A Before & After, Long After



This is kind of like admitting you have a problem: I have a horribly, an embarrassingly, out of date bathroom in my house. There, it’s out.

I bought an early 1950s, one owner, Cape Cod house in charming Dundas three years ago. We love this house, the cove plaster ceilings, wood burning fireplace, hardwood throughout, I’ve an appreciation for the character and solidity found in older homes. We also want to retain some original features that the one owner family maintained, we don’t want to remove their stewardship entirely. We tackled some biggies (I feel the need to point out)—a wall of overgrown cedars surrounding the house blocking virtually every main floor window, a collapsing cold room (and the concrete porch above threatening to relocate into the basement), new sidewalks, new driveway which required replacement of a drainage system, a glorious large cedar deck (this is a particular favourite), some painting and removal of lots of 70s wallpaper and pink wall-to-wall.

We are nowhere near done though, the pristine vintage 70s kitchen awaits (there is a certain charm to it), some stubborn wallpaper on a vaulted ceiling needs to come down via scaffolding, and the subject here: our main floor bathroom (the blue room, we had a pink one too) is currently undergoing its transformation.


This was a pretty straightforward renovation, we weren’t moving plumbing or shifting the room but we did have water damage from a leaky, rotting tub surround wall we were concerned about, luckily it turned out to be nothing in the end. We also removed the antiquated hatch in the hall allowing access to the tub’s plumbing.

This is the embarrassing before, and during (gotta say it felt good at this point!), we’ll unveil the after once we’ve painted and dealt with some final touches!


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