And…it’s fall

Fall in Dundas

Dundas Valley in fall, it’s a sight!

Yes, technically it’s fall. We’re still enjoying full on sun and warm days thankfully; it’s cliche yes but I do feel a bit of blue creep in with the change of season, those seemingly endless days in flip flops, deck time, the bright early mornings, all that good stuff wrapping up for another year.

But, it also means a return to normal daily life, it’s a chance to get organized, it’s kind of like a mini new year kick off. Like most of you, we here at core worked over the summer but Our Party Line seems to have taken the summer off….it’s the mini new year, the blog is back!

For us the advent of another cool season means the kick off of another hot property season—Hamilton remains one of the hottest markets across Canada (on average August 2015 saw a 16% increase in house prices from August 2014!), if you’re curious about this market we hope you’ll get in touch, we love to talk market, investment, renovation and design. Wondering, buying, considering listing or just have some questions? Call us, email us, Tweet us, Facebook us, you get the idea, we’re here and always available.

We will aim to keep the party line open in the coming days with market talk, more before and afters, random snapshots of life in the Hamilton/Burlington area, we hope you’ll read…and maybe contribute a thought or suggestion, we love to hear about others’ home experiences.

For now I’m sharing this—perhaps one last kick at the can, a warm September afternoon with feet in sand at Sugar Beach, there’s nothing quite like that feeling, let’s see how long I can hold it  🙂

Happy Fall y’all!


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