It’s a beautiful day, Don’t let it get away!


If you’re a U2 fan (or a Top 40’er, this is      clearly mainstream U2) the lyrics might ring a bell—Beautiful Day just feels right, for me anyway, as we hit our stride in spring…yes, slowly.


It’s time to take a big leap into the backyard, the front yard (mine’s looking better this year, we took advantage of Hamilton’s Street Tree program last year and had two free red oaks planted by the city), the side yard and soon enough into the gardens to clean up and again decide what to plant to beat the deer.

For me it’s also a time of renewal inside the house—I always think tackling the indoor projects when you’re hibernating through an Ontario winter makes perfect sense yet this year I spent my inside time by my fireplace, go figure. Given we help both buyers and sellers if they have renovation and staging needs I thought I’d bravely document some of my own outdoor and indoor before and afters (no judging! as can often be the case we realtors get to our own homes not in due course…there’s a particularly fun and needed bathroom project launching soon, I’ll share).

After months (certainly after February!) spent waiting for outdoor temperatures to lift the spirit outside we go. I thought I’d start by adding some of my own outdoor before and afters at my house, a one owner 1950s Cape Cod in Dundas. I’ve owned this house for a couple of years now, fabulous house, well loved by its original owners but some of the outdoor was a little too…..much. Well, some of the indoor is still a little too much but that’s another post…

IMG00363-20120414-1151 deck

driveway driveway2

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