Is December really the cruelest month?


Well, if it’s early December in southwest Ontario, the snow yet to really arrive and I’m thrusting this image in your face…perhaps it is.

What if you’re primed to buy or sell a home? Of course things slow in real estate come December—apart from retail, restaurants and LCBO doesn’t everything?—but let’s add this to the equation:

December 2013 saw a 21.6% increase in sales over December 2012

And the average sale price December 2013 was 7.1% higher than December 2012

If you’re thinking of buying or selling, if you’re thinking you might make hay taking the above statistics into mind, if you’re thinking hmmm less competition, maybe there’s something here….

Talk to us. We’re around. We’re connected 24-7. Minus Christmas Day…well, I bet if you reach out December 25th you might still get a response, after I put down the shortbread  🙂


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