Let There Be Light…?

We see so many houses—we tour houses to preview for our buyer clients, we tour houses with our buyer clients, we meet prospective seller clients to provide valuations and ideas on staging, renovating, tweaking and of course we sell houses.

So, because we see so many homes (and lives, but we keep our professional secrets) we’re privy to charming oddities in peoples’ homes. On occasion we’re going to toss these out into the cyber ether—only when houses are changing hands, when these charming oddities are not charming for the new owner thus becoming part of the home’s history. We’re not about to make fun of anyone’s home, we all have our own tastes and there’s a market for almost everything (I found someone who really wanted the 60 year old blue toilet I removed from my house when I bought); I might make fun of my own (a one owner home from the 1950s) though I’ve removed many of my charming oddities like the aforementioned blue toilet, the pink toilet, the goat themed fireplace screen, yes just try to imagine that one…..

With that in mind, we did a home inspection this week with a client at the new house, a house that will be entirely updated. I grew up with interesting switch plates in my house (I lived on a horse farm, in his senior years my dad changed many of the switch plates to horse themed…along with lampshades, I have come by my knowledge of what not to do honestly) however, I’ve never seen this….


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