Yes, we’re off our game, our game being our blog schedule. Sorry about that.

It’s been a busy time here at core—http://www.thespec.com/news-story/4960343-boomers-driving-housing-growth-in-hamilton/ —the market here continues to ramp up showing no signs of slowing. If you’re buying your first home, moving up, or if like several of our clients you’re looking for an investment property, time to get in.

If you’re looking to sell, to take advantage of this house heat, don’t forget we have a free staging offer http://yourcoreteam.wix.com/complimentary-offer. If selling is on your mind you may as well put your best self, your best home self that is, forward.

And we want to remind you: if you’re sitting in your lovely home thinking you might want to hit the market early on in spring, now’s the time to make your list, make some decisions, are you considering renovating a bathroom, will a full renovation offer payback or do you just need to paint and tweak… line up your people ie your workers, prepare for success. We can help with that too 🙂


Random: are you still eating Halloween candy? Down to the dregs here…  imageedit_7_9774105679



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