Water FAQ


This is one of those dry posts (pun not intended but there it is). It’s more fun to ramble on about house value, the proposed Gore Park redo in downtown Hamilton (and I will ramble on about that one day!), all the fun things we can do now that summer is here, finally, but, I am going to take five and talk about water.

We take it for granted—we have more fresh water lakes in Canada than anywhere else on the planet, 9% of our land area is water, we have 7% of the world’s renewable freshwater sources, amazing! But, if you’re on a well maintaining your own supply of fresh water means staying on top of maintenance and testing.

Many of us live in a town or city and have the luxury of easy access to a clean, managed municipal water supply. Maybe you live in a rural area, or maybe you’re about to open your cottage, whatever the case, if you’re on a private well you should test your water 3 times a year. If you rely on a private, single residential water system you are responsible for the condition of all wells on your property and the quality of your water.

1. Pick up a water testing bottle, follow the instructions that come with the kit

2. Return the water sample

3. For FREE your water sample will be tested for bacteria. No cost to you, but peace of mind in return.

For more information please see City of Hamilton Public Health Services Safe Water

**if you’re concerned about chemical contaminants check the Ministry of Environment site, ‘licensed laboratories’ as a keyword search for a private accredited lab test.



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