Here Comes The Sun…

The classic words of George Harrison definitely hit the mark this year. Warmth! Sun!

Of course there’s spring cleaning to tackle, plenty of yard work after such a long winter, the green thumbs among us will be spending, digging, planting, most of us (maybe I speak for myself here) have the list of indoor projects we intended to tackle, intended being the key word, while tucked away all winter BUT there must be celebration of these early spring days, buds, birds, those first days you get outside without layers!

My first days of spring will include:

Happy Kaili          +

Long sunny walks with my dog (if you’re a dog owner you may or may not agree that frigid winter walks do not work). Said walk will take us through the ravine near home connecting to the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, a perfect way to welcome spring.

Home ravine!       +



Lastly, I need to get moving. Biking in Dundas is amazing and can be a great workout (interesting fact-Clara Hughes trained on the Sydenham Hill!).  First I’m in need of a new bike this year, this is cycling country so check out Freewheel Cycle in Dundas, Ancaster Cycle, and Pierik’s Cycle in Westdale, Hamilton.

Get out, feel the sun on your face, sure there’s lots to do but take some moments, enjoy our new spring season and let us know what’s going to move you on these early sunny days…




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