Making a List & Checking It Twice: Condo Shopping

If you follow Toronto real estate you might’ve heard many dubbing 2017 The Year of the Condo. The early part of 2017 was frenzied with many multiples and price hikes of 30+% year over year then came the provincial government intervention in the spring and the focus of buyers shifted to the more affordable condo. Continue reading Making a List & Checking It Twice: Condo Shopping

Money Makes the Housing World Go Round…

Though it carries its own stress the fun part of your home search is the hunt, touring various homes and condos, dreaming of a life in that one place that grabs, the other key component is the financing of said dream, that’s the less fun part.
You likely know January 1, 2018 will see new mortgage financing rules, it will change how much house you can buy. This is a read that tends to the dry side but it’s necessary info for homebuyers.

Continue reading “Money Makes the Housing World Go Round…”

Marketing Your Home AKA Finding Your Buyer

There was a time when marketing your home meant an MLS listing, that’s how it shows up on, a couple of pictures, maybe a print ad. It’s 2017, we have a lot more tools at our disposal to tell your home’s story. Assuming the big asset you’re about to list is a house, condo, townhouse in good repair (i.e. we’re not marketing an as-is … Continue reading Marketing Your Home AKA Finding Your Buyer

Tale as old as time…

Real estate can be all about numbers, investment, return, mortgages et al, it’s also about home, family, security, community, so, in that vein, a more personal post: Senior care: something many of us deal with, some more up close and personal than others—I’m an only child, the up close and personal has been my last decade. The nutshell: my father passed away nearly ten years … Continue reading Tale as old as time…

Less is More

Take this as a bit of how-to inspiration (maybe? hopefully?) geared to the buyer who really wants to live in Toronto, to enjoy what urban life offers—vibrant, amenity laden neighbourhoods, easy access to everything, including transit; of course ‘vibrant’, amenities galore directly correlates to price here in the city. Detached or semi your target? If you have a healthy budget, if you’re open to exploring neighbourhoods … Continue reading Less is More

2017: The Year of the Condo

  If, like me, you live in, or want to live in, Toronto you know the price of entry into the housing market is high, semi or fully detached home it takes a healthy budget—depending on your budget it’s doable but you may need to be flexible in terms of neighbourhood and expectations. Toronto’s been a seller’s market for some time now, people want in, … Continue reading 2017: The Year of the Condo